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SPEAKERS: The speakers are devices that allow the amplification of the sound. Called speakers or speakers depending on the country, the speakers are electric transducers: they convert the current of electricity into a sound wave. PLATEAU: The term plateau, also referred to as plateau, refers to a plateau that is located at a very high altitude and is characterized by having a significant extension. OTHERNESS: The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term alterity that we are now dealing with. In this sense, we have to establish that it comes from Latin.
HIGH PERFORMANCE: Performance is called the utility, benefit, compensation, effectiveness or product that someone or something gives. The high adjective, meanwhile, is associated with height or a high level. ALTA: Alta is a term with several meanings according to the context. This may be the authorization granted by a doctor to his patient so that he can rejoin ordinary life and resume his daily activities. HEIGHT: The term height has various uses. On the one hand, it is the path that can be traveled vertically between an object or body and the ground or any other surface that it takes as a reference.
ARROGANT: Although there are different theories regarding its etymological origin, we can emphasize that arrogant is a word that derives from Latin. HALLUCINATION: The concept of hallucination has its origin in the Latin term allucinatio. It is the action of being hallucinated or becoming hallucinated, that is, being confused or raving. DISTURBANCE: From the Latin alteratio, alteration is the action of altering. This verb indicates a change in the shape of something, a disturbance, disorder, or anger.


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